Tuesday, May 23, 2006

composition in plaster, gyp board, compound, and paint.  Posted by Picasa

Tape job in progress Posted by Picasa

composit wall Posted by Picasa

curving soffit over stairs Posted by Picasa

underside of temporary platform made for working over the stairs. Posted by Picasa

Skinning the center kitchen collumn Posted by Picasa

Ceiling detail Posted by Picasa

taped and almost ready to paint.  Posted by Picasa

View of gallery from dining room Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Days of destruction. Posted by Picasa

Strange ceiling detail Posted by Picasa

Ripping it all up Posted by Picasa

Demo dust at new job. Posted by Picasa

Demo marks Posted by Picasa

Bench mark at new job Posted by Picasa

Marked for destruction. Posted by Picasa

Demo days at new job Posted by Picasa

Hole in ceiling Posted by Picasa

Satchko with dust mask. Posted by Picasa

Plastic tent enclosing site office and protecting the office from demo dust. Posted by Picasa

Wall prepped for finish Posted by Picasa

Plaster wall extended with gypsum board. Posted by Picasa

curver soffit at top of stairs Posted by Picasa

wall prepped for plaster skim Posted by Picasa

Bath prepped for stone. Posted by Picasa