Saturday, March 25, 2006

Kuni Posted by Picasa

Covering up other peoples past sins. Posted by Picasa

Dropped ceiling in the basement on East 70th St. Posted by Picasa

View out the window of our UN Plaza 34th floor work site. Posted by Picasa

Furring strips set on 18" centers ready to receive 4' X 6" boards. Posted by Picasa

Ceiling system at a shallow drop where we can't use the usual pencil rod method. Posted by Picasa

Richard cut's a groove into the concrete floor. Posted by Picasa

Dust in the air. Devon dons a mask. Edwin makes ready to shoot another threaded stud into the slab  Posted by Picasa

Edwin fastens some pencil rod to the slab to hang our ceiling system Posted by Picasa

Work - Dirt- Steel - Gyp Board

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